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Contains actual study-based dosages from real human clinical trials

SugaRest™ contains actual study levels of:  DE111 and Zychrome, Delphinol. 

Third Party Tested

Our supplement is third party tested.  We all have had the unfortunate experience of purchasing a supplement containing either none of the ingredients on the label, or less than the amount listed on the label.  

We value you and your health so much that we have had our product tested by a third-party lab, not associated with our manufacturer, so you are assured of getting exactly what you paid for.

Quality Manufacturing

Our supplement is manufactured in the USA, at a GMP approved facility.

Dairy, Gluten, Nut, Soy, Shellfish and Preservative Free

Our product is free of artificial flavors, preservatives, gluten, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish, milk, eggs, tree nuts and peanuts.  

multiple trademarked ingredients with human clinical trials

Five ingredients with human clinical trials

High quality, trademarked ingredients 

Our gymnema sylvestre, seaweed, maquil fruit, and chromium comes from high-quality, proprietary sources; mostly from the USA -- do we want to itemize this?

all with 

Centrally Located Warehouse

Our warehouse is centrally located, so we can offer you fast, affordable shipping.

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